Financial Times
Tokyo’s Top Female Sushi Chefs
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Photography: Sybilla Patrizia
Article: Kana Inagaki

Meet the women expertly challenging convention in a male-dominated profession.

Yukiko Okuzumi of Edo-mae Mimatsu
Yuko Suzuki of Sushi Yuko
Sachiko Shimizu of Wakana Sushi

Financial Times
A voyage across culinary India — in Tokyo
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Photography: Sybilla Patrizia
Article: Jui Chakravorty

“India’s cuisine shape-shifts noticeably every 100 miles, thanks to a rich history of trade routes and invasions, and an unparalleled diversity forged from linking disparate kingdoms to form a nation. It forms a glossary of countless dishes, often in stark contrast to one another in flavour and texture, each with crackling aromatics and competing herbs tamed into delicious cohesion. Contrary to popular belief, many dishes are sauceless, and one called “curry” would leave 1.4 billion people scratching their heads. ”

Tejas Sovani at Spice Lab Tokyo
Takamasa Osawa at Biriyani Osawa
Popi Kuroda at Mumbai
Sanchita and Hiroaki Nagagata at Puja
Bangera’s Kitchen Ginza

青の形 The Shape of Blue


11 min (Short Documentary)
75 min (Feature Documentary) — In Development

Featured on
Yahoo! Japan (Japanese only)

Best Pitch Award
DocedgeKolkata Award
Sunny Side of the Docs Award

Director: Sybilla Patrizia
Cinematography: Andrzej Rudz
Editor: Mariko Ide
Associate Producer: Hidekazu Tsutsui
Gaffer: Yosuke Shimada
Sound Mixing: Kentaro Kimura
Colorist: James Clayton Daniels
Color Assistant: Takashi Albrecht

Kenta Watanabe
Shinya Kato

Supported by:
Yahoo! Japan
Arts Council Tokyo
Canon Creator Society
On Japan’s lush island of Shikoku lies the heart of indigo blue culture, a century-old tradition on the brink of disappearing. Watanabe and Kato, two indigo dyers at the forefront of this art, embark on an inner journey; one discovers the meaning behind his own shade of blue, while the other unravels a new way to see through his unique perspective on color. Together, they delve into the art of indigo — harvesting, fermenting and dying leaves to the rhythm of Japan’s four distinct seasons. As their paths intertwine, we follow them on their journey as they uncover the emotional and physical transformations that shape the color blue.

Travel To LUMINE

Photo Essay

Client: LUMINE 
Production: JR East Marketing & Communications
Photography: Sybilla Patrizia

A photo documentary transporting viewers into the vibrant visual landscape of Japanese shopping giants LUMINE and NEWoMan, featuring hidden rooftop gardens, beautiful design textures, nighttime views and more.

Photography Essay 

“Matsuri” is a photographic project that I started in the summer of 2018 after seeing the Shimokitazawa and Koenji Awa Odori in Tokyo, which was my first time seeing such a kind of matsuri festival in Japan. I was deeply moved and felt immediately transported into another world, listening to the drums, singing and watching the dancing of the performers while being surrounded by the hot and humid weather that characterizes Japanese summers.