Currently in production

Unwrapping Japan’s toxic affair with plastic

Director, DoP, Editor: Sybilla Patrizia
Producer: Clementine Nuttall

Documentary Film
Expected length: 90min
Original Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese, English

予想上映時間: 90分
言語: 日本語
字幕: 日本語、英語

From the hands of Tokyo’s trash collectors all the way to a rural Zero Waste village—we follow social trailblazers as they unravel decades of unsustainable practices that have led Japan to become one of the world’s worst, hidden plastic polluters, sparking a search for radical ideas that may save us, and our planet, from a plastic-wrapped future…


Autumn in Tokyo: A Photo Essay

Financial Times
December 2022

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Photography: Sybilla Patrizia
Article: Leo Lewis
“Guidebooks, social historians, wizened tea-ceremony masters, variety-show hosts and anyone else with a view on Japan will remind you, again and again, how uniquely important seasonality is to the island nation. And even if that is a bit of a confection, it’s a harmless one with plenty of truth in it. The often short passage from the stifling, unbearable muggy heat of Japan’s long summers to the brisk chill of autumn is very much a cause for celebration — a stint of comfort and physical beauty before the real bite of winter digs in.”

— via the Financial Times

Kyu Asakura House
Todoroki Valley
Rikugien Gardens

The Lobby by Stan Smith

adidas Tokyo

Production + Creative Direction: ACUMEN TOKYO
Director and Producer: Sybilla Patrizia
Director of Photography: Rei Takaji
Editor: I Han Chen
Music: Fu Takada
ACs: Kaito Ashizawa, Ralph Mangila 
PA: Yassmine El Adib 


Video 2:

Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan

Aired on VICE News and VICE on Showtime (Season 3 Finale)
September 2022

Watch HERE.

Correspondent: Hanako Montgomery
Director of Photography: Sybilla Patrizia
B-Camera: Shiori Ito and Jayce Ong
Additional Sound Recording: Paul Doroshevich

A loophole in Japan’s law on child abuse material allows artists to freely draw sex with children. Despite a growing number of nations moving to ban this fictitious work, in Japan, the material is protected by a thriving manga industry and an artist’s freedom of speech.

VICE News’ Hanako Montgomery explores why Japan hasn’t moved to ban sexual depictions of children in manga, despite international and domestic pressure to outlaw the comics.

— via VICE News and Showtime

Accompanying article on VICE:
He Abused Kids For 24 Years. Now He Wants Manga Sexualizing Children to be Banned”

Full Film:


Photography Project 

“Matsuri” is a photographic project that I started in the summer of 2018 after seeing the Shimokitazawa and Koenji Awa Odori in Tokyo, which was my first time seeing such a kind of matsuri festival in Japan. I was deeply moved and felt immediately transported into another world, listening to the drums, singing and watching the dancing of the performers while being surrounded by the hot and humid weather that characterizes Japanese summers.

I was so taken aback by the energy that emanated from the participants, especially their otherworldy movements such the unique hand gestures and leg movements in awa odori, or the energetic procession of mikoshi (portable shrines) in local maturi, which inspired me to start this photographic project.

Looking at the images now, I feel a strange kind of sadness, knowing that it has been almost two years since I last took images at any matsuri, with all such festivals being canceled to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. My vivid memories of these joyous festivals have now started to almost fade into the same blurriness that these images inhabit, only brought back to life by bits of boisterous sound and chants that I immediately recall when looking at these images.