Financial Times
A voyage across culinary India — in Tokyo
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Photography: Sybilla Patrizia
Article: Jui Chakravorty

“India’s cuisine shape-shifts noticeably every 100 miles, thanks to a rich history of trade routes and invasions, and an unparalleled diversity forged from linking disparate kingdoms to form a nation. It forms a glossary of countless dishes, often in stark contrast to one another in flavour and texture, each with crackling aromatics and competing herbs tamed into delicious cohesion. Contrary to popular belief, many dishes are sauceless, and one called “curry” would leave 1.4 billion people scratching their heads. ”

Tejas Sovani at Spice Lab Tokyo
Takamasa Osawa at Biriyani Osawa
Popi Kuroda at Mumbai
Sanchita and Hiroaki Nagagata at Puja
Bangera’s Kitchen Ginza