Workpedia Japan: Daniel Patterson

Broadcasted on NHK World and NHK
Director, DoP, Editor: Sybilla Patrizia
Producers: Takahito Kanegawa, Toru Shimojima, Kensuke Takeuchi
AD: Im Solip
Music: Jon Levy, Ian o’Brien
Script Adviser: Martin Chouinard
Production: NHK, Temjin

Special thanks to Sogetsu Ikebana and Mori Sairin.

It takes upwards of 20 years to become a grand master at the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, and Canadian artist Daniel Patterson is one of few foreigners in Japan currently attempting this feat.

In English, ikebana is usually referred to as ‘flower arrangement’ but in Japanese, the word actually means something closer to ‘giving life to flowers.’ Ikebana isn’t necessarily about creating something beautiful; but rather a reflection of the artist’s inner emotional landscape, a contemplation on wider society and, of course, a commentary on the space that the flowers sit in, making the human that creates the arrangement just as much a part of the piece as the flowers, leaves and branches that we see.