A Bloody Taboo

Director, Cinematography, Editor: Sybilla Patrizia
Documentary Short Film, 14min, 2021
Original Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, Japanese

*Feel free to share or screen this film for educational purposes online or in-person worldwide.
Festivals and Events:
Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2021
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021
Tokyo Docs 2021+2023

Short Documentary Showcase Excellent Film Award, Tokyo Docs
Senses of Women Award, Japan Film Festival Los Angeles
On average, women menstruate for about 2,535 days in their lifetime - that’s almost 7 years in total. Yet, periods remain a tabooed topic in most societies around the world, including Japan.

"A Bloody Taboo" explores several women’s rights topics related to period stigmatization, the tampon tax and the wider discussion of gender discrimination in Japan. Through intimate interviews with an eclectic collection of voices ranging from a high school student, to activists, artists and health experts, the film highlights the lack of open discussion and explores common taboos surrounding menstruation in a country that is still struggling to find its role in the fight for women's rights.