Photography Project and Book Design

I remember being in Tokyo, and having to leave the country just when the first cherry blossoms started to open. Without actually seeing the blossoms in their full bloom, I could feel the energy and electricity that were already filling the air - the collective excitement of something that can seem so mundane, yet year after year plunges millions of people into an irrevocable state of intoxication and made me, an outsider, drunk on something I had never actually tasted.

Being fully immersed by the effortless force of sakura years later, I have started to understand that hanami is more than just a celebration - it is a social phenomenon which brings us together on an open stage to witness and perform, while millions of screens are watching, intoxicated by what they can only begin to imagine.

State of Glory is therefore not merely an exploration of hanami and its significance to Japanese culture, but rather a looking at the manifestations of present-day selfie and photography culture and its power to glorify and self-glorify one’s own experience and self-image through the deceiving filter of social media, set against the backdrop of cherry blossom season.

The book is accompanied by a text written by Karoly Tendl, an art critic based in London.





210x 255mm