The Dark Side of Manga

Aired on VICE News and VICE on Showtime (Season 3 Finale)
September 2022

Emmy Nomination - 44th News and Documentary Awards 2023

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Correspondent: Hanako Montgomery
Filmed by: Sybilla Patrizia
B-Camera: Shiori Ito and Jayce Ong
Additional Sound Recording: Paul Doroshevich

A loophole in Japan’s law on child abuse material allows artists to freely draw sex with children. Despite a growing number of nations moving to ban this fictitious work, in Japan, the material is protected by a thriving manga industry and an artist’s freedom of speech.

VICE News’ Hanako Montgomery explores why Japan hasn’t moved to ban sexual depictions of children in manga, despite international and domestic pressure to outlaw the comics.

— via VICE News and Showtime

Accompanying article on VICE:
He Abused Kids For 24 Years. Now He Wants Manga Sexualizing Children to be Banned”

Full Film:
(unavailable in Japan)