Short Documentary, 6min 20sec, 2019
Director, Editor: Sybilla Patrizia
Kintsugi Artist: Clementine Nuttall
Sound: José Rodrigo Navarro
Koto: Fernando Neves
Japanese Subtitles: Minami Muraoka
Special Thanks: Shogo Nounoshita

Best Film, Ginza Short Film Contest 2019, Tokyo
Shortlist, Blue Wing Award for Cinematography, Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan

Film Festival Screenings:
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019, Tokyo
11th International Inter University Short Film Festival, Dhaka
UNBROKEN is a short documentary film exploring the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi through the eyes of British, Tokyo-based artist Clementine Nuttall. Although the history of Kintsugi can be traced back 3000 years, the core philosophy of this art form and its embracement of failure and change as an opportunity for betterment and sign of resilience is still as relevant today as it was in the past.


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